Work Experience

 Advertising agency Villanueva & Calonge. 1995-1998.

- In these years, I worked as a publicity photographer in an own agency with my partner Fernando Villanueva. We carried out advertising campaigns for different clients such as museums, cultural organizations, vineyards, clothes shops, etc.

 Work experience with different art centers and museums

-      "Zoology". Science Museum. Milan, Italy 1994.

-      "Chiapas". Library of Castilla-La Mancha. Toledo. Spain. 1995.

-      "Ruta del Quijote" Juarez Theater, Guanajuato, Mexico. 1996.

-      "Diary on board" CEX Exhibition Center. Ciudad Real. Spain. 1997

-      "Chiapas" itinerant exhibition through villages of Castilla-La Mancha. Spain. 1998-1999.

-      "Images for dignity", collective, PhotoEspaña, annual International Photo Festival. Madrid. Spain.1999.

-      "Child work". Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Madrid. Spain. 2000.

-      "Ruta del Quijote". University of Guanajuato, Mexico. 2005.

-      "Classic". Palace of Valparaiso, cultural center, Almagro. Spain. 2008.

-      “Pelgrims”. Catharijneconvent Museum. Utrecht. The Netherlands. 2011

-      Reproductions of the art collection; paintings, photographs, engravings and illustrations. La Merced museum. Ciudad Real. 2011

 Other work experience as a free-lance photographer. From 1998 to the present.

- Travel photography.

I have been doing travel photography in more than twenty countries. India, Vietnam, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Italy, etc. My photographs have been published in the following media, among others:

Altaïr, Viajes National Geographic Spain, Turismo Rural, Rutas del Mundo, Lugares (Argentina).

- Documentary photography.

I have made features for the following magazines and information agencies:

Efe Agency Spain. Daily press work in the province of Ciudad Real.

Associated Press Agency in Bolivia, where I collaborated as a free-lance in the "gas war", also during the national elections won by Evo Morales in 2005.

El Semanal, photographic reports during 2001 and 2002, some of them in Morocco and Angola.

International Labor Organization (United Nations). I collaborated with this organization doing a feature on child labor in Peru.

 Press office of the annual summer courses of the Complutense University Madrid. From 2005 to the present.

- Realization of photographic reports, portraits of invited guests to the courses (Nobel prize winners, politicians, artists, scientists, etc.) and graphic follow-up of the courses. These photographs are send to the media, newspapers, information agencies, etc. Also, to develop the Complutense University web page.

 Pilot of RPA's (drones). Since March 2016.

- In 2016, I obtained my certification as an advanced drone pilot and I’m registered as an operator in AESA. I can fly with quadrocopters of up to 5 kg, using this technology for video and photography.

 Stock photography agency.

- Much of my image archive is represented by the English agency Alamy.

 Academic Training

-      Graduated in photography from the Art School of Valencia. 1992

-      Scholarship from Castilla-La Mancha to extend my photography studies at the European Institute of Milan (Italy) for one year. 1994

-      Seminars on photojournalism with authors such as Cristina García Rodero, Manuel Navia, Koldo Chamorro or John Kimmitch. 1995 to 2002

-      Certification as pilot of RPA's (drones). ATO Cinetic Plus. 2016