After the elections of 18th. December, Evo Morales Aima was elected as president of Bolivia.  Of Aymara origin, he was originally a llama shepherd, later to become the Union leader of the coca growers. Now he is the president of a country which is economically sound, but with great social differences.Almost 70% of the population is of native origin and poor.

Only a few “white” Bolivians control most of the land and the country’s resources.

With these great cultural differences, the Andean culture of the “Collas” has little or nothing to do with their Eastern counterparts, the “Cambas”.

In Santa Cruz the “Cambas” distrust the centralized power of La Paz, and demand an autonomic process to control their own resources better, as Santa Cruz contributes 40% of the Gross Domestic Product. After this petition, many people see the process of secession as becoming a problem of racism.